Seinfeld in Government

If Seinfeld characters were in government, what federal departments and agencies would they be in?

Newman. US Postal Service. He actually worked for the USPS in the show, so there isn’t speculation here.

Kramer. Defense Department. Kramer had so many different jobs that he had to be at DoD, which is so large it has hundreds of job descriptions.

Elaine. Environmental Protection Agency and Government Publishing Office. She was an environmentalist and worked for Pendant Publishing.

Costanza. Office of Budget and Management. I can’t see him anywhere else since Costanza was so careful with his money.

Seinfeld. Don’t know. There aren’t exactly spots in the government for a professional comedian. His ability for independent analysis and observation (the core of being a comedian) are valuable skills though.

Where would you place Seinfeld?

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Marco Morales

I’d place Seinfeld as the assistant secretary of Defense for Public Affairs. He’d certainly add wit and humor to that realm of government and would work well in dealing with the White House and DoD press corps…

Brandon Jubar

I’d say that Seinfeld should be a member of Congress… except for the fact that their hilarity is by accident and not by design.

Patricia Paul

I think that Seinfeld would be a good governemnt contractor–he’s out there putting himself on the line and trying to reach every audience he can that is a market for his services.