Selected Also Means Sustainability


You are the happiest government employee in your agency just about now! You received the long awaited call from your human resource (HR). You got it! Yes! Yes! She, the HR Specialist called you to offer you the position. In fact, she even asked you if you are still interested in the position! How could she? You answered a resounding yes!

You worked so hard to secure this position. You have done everything right so far, i.e. you followed the process, excelled on your PBI and you have a start date.

Congratulations on securing your new job! You have been selected over the other applicants because of all the superb factors that made you the best fit.

Securing the position doesn’t stop there. You will need to demonstrate competence in your new position. The hiring manager chose you because they believed you can function in the position, unless you fall into the P category. There are several things you should do as a new selectee to maintain sustainability in a new position.

  • Read your position description in its entirety
  • Get to know the key players…remember their names
  • Speak to everyone (As the new employee orientation coordinator, I see new employees on the elevator or in the hallway. Several tines I have been ignored even after I offered a greeting…until they walk into the classroom and recognize me from the elevator)

Do not make assumptions (Several years ago I was facilitating a customer service training. I was passing out handouts. One of the participants thought I was the assistant until….. well… until I began to facilitate)

  • Develop relationships
  • Observe the dynamics of the team. Share your expertise
  • Promise something? Make sure you deliver!
  • Make impacts but stay in your lane!
  • Make lots of deposits into the emotional bank account. According to Stephen Covey, the emotional bank account is vital for effective relationships
  • Push the envelope and Innovate!
  • Nourish yourself with additional knowledge and skills
  • Keep your Resume updated (The actions you took and the results! You will be better prepared for your first performance review, just as you were for your PBI interview . Continue to scan the horizon

Here are a few behaviors that you should absolutely avoid in your new gig:

  • Do not expect a lower grade employee to train you (After all you are the higher level employee)
  • Do not take credit for your co-workers work
  • Sustain the demands of the position!

What are some other suggestions for sustainability?

The content of this article are the opinion and experiences of the author.

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Dijon N. Rolle

June, excellent tips and insights. I’m just going to print it and stick it up on the wall 🙂 Sometimes the excitement will cause you to overlook key things. I recommend for sustainability- Ask questions and don’t show up without something to write with (taking notes helps me remember things until I’m able to learn the ropes). Also arrive a few minutes early to get settled in and draft a plan for the day. What do you want to accomplish? Don’t always wait to be told what to do.