Sept 11, 10 Years Later

As we close out of August and move into September, let us not forget that we will be entering the 10 year anniversary of September 11th. Let us not forget all those who made the ultimate sacrifice, and all those who are left behind. For everyone left behind, the empty space both at “ground zero” and in our hearts that no matter what we construct physically or emotionally, will ever replace the loss.

This year marks the first decade sense that most horrific day. Insure that we honor the memory, sacrifice, and dedication our fallen hero’s showed. Let us also not forget the strength of the hero’s who are the mothers, fathers, partners, family, friends, co-works, and all who lost loved, honed, and treasured ones during 9-11.

Take time today to spend time with loved one, pay your respects to our fallen hero’s.

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