Seven ways to improve Sydney’s e-ticketing

With the announcement that Sydney would be naming its new farecard Opal (breaking with marine tradition), The City Fix offered seven suggestions for better integrating CityRail (NSW) with Sydney Buses, Sydney Ferries, and Light Rail. Suggestions include offering discounts for round-trip fares, a flat fare structure, and a 24-hour window for ticket validity. Somewhat surprising is the suggestion for peak-period discounts. Like some urban systems (Washington Metro, for example) CityRail charges more for peak-period travel when demand is usually highest. The City Fix argues that discounting fares, instead, could boost ridership. “Ironically, peak hour travelers are less likely to get a seat and the frequency of service is no better than in the off-peak periods at many suburban stations,” Kieran Thomas writes. “If governments want to get more commuters out of their cars, maybe discounts during the peak hour would be a better approach.” Link to full story in The City Fix.

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