Social Media Policy – Part 9 – Productivity and Impact of Misuse


Social media tools can be valuable resources when used for work-related activities, but inappropriate use of these tools can be a drain on employer resources. Therefore, if an employer supports the use of social media tools during work hours, then that employer’s social media policy should include a reminder to employees that their use of social media tools should not negatively impact their work productivity.

So what is your experience? Are people more or less productive when allowed to use social media tools? How should employers address this issue?

Impact of Misuse

A final and critical component of a sound social media policy is a clear delineation of the consequences that will follow violations of the policy. In many cases, this component may be addressed by extending misuse of social media to those guidelines already contained in the existing employee handbook. However, it is critical that the social media policy be clear about the consequences if the policy is violated.

What should be the consequence for misuse? Termination? A fatherly disapproving talk from a boss (which might make getting fired look more promising)?

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