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Local Governments Do Not “Like” Facebook’s New Page Name Policy

The City of Olathe, KS, along with many other cities around the world, is facing a Facebook dilemma. The popular social media site is cracking down on their page management policy, and according to their Facebook Page Terms, name guidelines must not consist solely of generic terms such as “beer”, “pizza”, and now geographic locationsRead… Read more »

Revised – Social Media Policy and Guidance

In May last year i published the councils first version of our Social Media Policy and Guidance. Since then we have reviewed them and have updated them to focus more on achieving business benefit then simply taking advantage of social media tools like twitter, facebook you tube etc. The revision is the result of additionalRead… Read more »

Social Media Policy – Part 9 – Productivity and Impact of Misuse

Productivity Social media tools can be valuable resources when used for work-related activities, but inappropriate use of these tools can be a drain on employer resources. Therefore, if an employer supports the use of social media tools during work hours, then that employer’s social media policy should include a reminder to employees that their useRead… Read more »

Social Media Policy – Part 8 – Confidential Information, Terms of Service, and Legal Issues

Although it may be a matter of common sense that employees should follow terms of service and the law and also not to disclose confidential information, most social media policies include clauses stating that employees are responsible for their actions with regard to confidential information, terms of service, and obeying the law. What else shouldRead… Read more »

Social Media Policy – Part 7 – Commenting and Posting on Topics Related to Work

In addition to personal use of social media tools generally, employees may participate in and comment on discussions, news stories, blog posts, etc. that deal with topics related to the organization. The organization should consider how such interaction using social media tools might impact the organization. In addressing this issue, the organization should consider whetherRead… Read more »

Social Media Policy – Part 6 – Privacy

Most, if not all, social media websites provide options for what information a user makes available to the public. Facebook, for example, offers options for who can view status updates, removing a user’s name from search results, and limiting who can view pictures. According to a recent article published in the Vanderbilt Journal of EntertainmentRead… Read more »

Social Media Policy – Part 5 – Disclaimers

In part 4, we discussed identification of the employer by employees. Related is the use of disclaimers. The use of disclaimers is a frequently suggested guideline. If chosen employers should request that employees post disclaimers on their personal websites stating that the views expressed on those websites are those of the employees and not thoseRead… Read more »

Social Media Policy – Part 4 – Identifying Employer Affiliations

As noted in Part 3 of this series, the vast majority of social media websites allow users to identify who they work for as well as other information about their employment. If employees complete this information, they are to some degree acting as representatives of the organization and all of their posts may reflect onRead… Read more »