Social Media Summer Book Club

In May, I offered to launch a social media summer book club. Since then, I’ve received a lot of emails asking me to pick a first book and set a date. So let’s do it!

Book: Bowling Alone, Robert Putnam

Date: Tuesday, July 17, 1230 – 1400

Place: Google+ Hangout (also known as: your own desk)

Bowling Alone is a long(ish) book, so I’ll suggest that we focus on two chapters: “Thinking about Social Change in America,” and “The Dark Side of Social Capital.” Of course, I’ll read the entire book and anyone should feel free to talk about any issues that Putnam raises.

If you’d like the short version for why I think this is an important book for SocMed people to read, see my review.

Please do let me know if you plan on joining the book club, and feel free to suggest the next book. I’m going to recommend that we space books apart by 3 weeks, which will give us the chance to give each book a thorough read, and will allow us to fit in 4 books this summer.

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