Social Niceities of Social Networking

I heard about some spam or self-promotion going on in GovLoop migrating into Linked In and it flashed back to the high school cliques. Could there be a SN storm? Too much spread too thin to think about?
New tributaries, groups, fora, discussion boards and threads ramp across our many communities and blogs. Do we pull on the carapace and focus on one place? Go with the thin and hope the effort is worthwhile?

Back in the day when cell phones were new at street level (as opposed to exclusive equipment in limos and military transport) I researched and wrote a feature article on cell phone etiquette for a Swedish business publication sponsored by a major cell phone manufacturer. They wanted to educate their customers (and others).

If we in GovLoop will be educating and informing government leaders and community users about new media, social networking and other collaborative processes and technologies — and quite likely, that’s what’s already in process — may I suggest that we do so with care.

GovLoop is open so anyone can/may do anything, but Wiki rules rule. Be Bold::Do Good.

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James V. Pritchert

Very timely. I am struggling to update my agency and other organizations on the value of the social networking sites and we need to start thinking about a code of conduct. A lack of focus and unrestrained activity in these venuse will stop our modernization effects in their tracks.


Thanks L P. I’ve been working hard to make sure GovLoop remains a safe space for government to connect and collaborate. The wiki rules work best – when members “report issues” or tell inappropriate members that they aren’t behaving as suggested. I’ve noticed that it generally stops the actions and if it gets worse, I can always ban them (I’ve done it a couple times).

I actually thing these types of case studies are good and a way to understand the nuances of social networking and social media. Nothing is 100% positive but that shouldn’t stop us.

So for example, when .001% of the nation’s population are child molesters, we shouldn’t be surprised when .001% of the members on Facebook are child molesters.

Does that mean we shouldn’t use Facebook? No. But it means we need to think through these issues and find ways to monitor, control, and discourage bad behavior.

Part of the value of GovLoop is the line it walks between complete open and completely private. So a member who is a city employee in Nashville can meet and reach out to a DOD employee in DC and share information. 99 out of 100 times that will be a good interaction. 1 out of 100 it may be tough. But we try to make sure the 1 bad time doesn’t rule out the 99 good times.

It’s evolutionary and we are learning every day. Looking forward to learning together.