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Your email address can impact your careeer!

What do email addresses like “Pookie Bear,” “Hot Mama,” ” Macho Man,” Twilighter,” and “Sexy Stud” have in common. They could all hold up your advancement or even stop you from being hired. Unprofessional e-mail addresses can hurt your chances just as much as unprofessional e-mails. It is important to set something up that saysRead… Read more »

Appropriate Use of Communication Mediums

Approrpriate Use of Communication Mediums at Work Information Greatly Appreciated I have created a chart on the appropriate use of communication mediums in the workplace for my next book Workplace Savvy. Need to validate the information I have already collected. Questions What work situations are appropriate for the use of the following mediums? What doRead… Read more »

Top 10: Topics NOT to Discuss with Your Coworkers

The Top Ten Topics You MIght NOT Want to Share with All Your Coworkers from Lady Dianne 1. Off color or racially charged jokes and comments (includes gay, lesbian, religious, ethnic, disability or blonde jokes) 2. Wild weekends or hangovers 3. Politics or religion 4. Intimate details of life (includes relationships) 5. Personal problems andRead… Read more »

Yer Welcome!

I said, “Thank you” to a server. Response, “No problem.” Full stop, system crash, Reboot. By the time I got back up, she was gone. No further communication. Not much tip, either. When someone takes the time and effort to thank you, if you can’t acknowledge their effort, you are training them not to thankRead… Read more »

How-To: Not Dress – the 4 B’s

Lady Di speaks up!!! In an earlier blog I discussed the three B’s of dress at work. I stated that organizations did not want employees exposing the three Bs (boobs, belly and butt) at work. While there is no Federal dress code, there are some definite no-nos. Today, I am adding the fourth B whichRead… Read more »

Social Niceities of Social Networking

I heard about some spam or self-promotion going on in GovLoop migrating into Linked In and it flashed back to the high school cliques. Could there be a SN storm? Too much spread too thin to think about? New tributaries, groups, fora, discussion boards and threads ramp across our many communities and blogs. Do weRead… Read more »