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We just finished a face to face event for the Policy and Performance Community of Practice (one of the Improvement and Development Agency supported communities). With Dave Briggs’ help, we captured the proceedings of the day right here at using photo, video, slideshare, Tweeting and blogging.

It’s a great way to get stuff captured -quick – always an issue at any event. But more importantly it allowed us to add value to the content. For example, one of the speakers mentioned the Second Life work that Birmingham is doing – that was blogged/twittered and within an hour one of the folks from Birmingham who’d worked on it had contributed an article to the site.

OK, the IDeA is kind of a special case – but the same approach could be used for community forums (much like Barnet’s Leader Listens site or Mosman council’s big conversation) to aggregate conversations that happen within a borough face to face and virtually – simultaneously or staggered. I know that two councils are already considering this around planning meetings, but it could be used for all sorts of consultation strategies.

Yes, not everyone would be into it, but of course that’s ok. That’s why you hold face to face meetings and you’d also upload the findings from any written consultation or headline issues from focus groups, etc.

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Very cool – nice site. I think a range of discussions is always valuable – 1 to 1, conferences, blogs, social networks, etc – and it is always best to combine a few.