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SocialNetworking to Develop – Power of Now that is Real and less driven by Positive Mental Attitude.

Yes!!! Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) is Delusional. Whenever I said this I was literally KICKED out of all motivational work-shops. In fact briefly when I worked for a corporate training company some 15 years back, they were horrified that I was lambasting this idiotic thing called “PMA”.

The danger of any social-networking is greater faster speed to reach information to larger ever-growing network of social masses. This also means that today a machinery is available that can be used for social engineering at much faster rate to much larger audience.
One of the hall mark instinct for any human, like in any mother is to be “VIGILANT” against the spurious behaviors / perceptions that can be driven by the social-media. One has to be very alert and vigilant than ever before and constantly be scanning for REALITY. Train you mind to be like a bar-code reader looking for reality, in this morass of illogical perceptions that appearing innocuously appealing intends to escape your stern gaze and get embedded in your mind as perception distorting reality.

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Arvind Nigam

You are right @Srinidhi. ‘Education’ has a role to play here; to be able to evaluate deeper before taking an emotional or rant-ful call. In many ways social media is also about sensitization of individuals.

~ Arvind

Srinidhi Boray

@Arvind, very right in-fact some of the argument that Obama proposes is in for good “education” and it is the factor that helps develop rationality which is key to make correct opinions. Many of the higher learning schools manny times also create wrong white-papers based learning, mostly funded by the private corporations 🙂