Spending Public Money

Every day, government and public service managers face the challenge of delivering more and better services despite limited budgets. If you were in their position, what would be your spending priorities? Through Spending Public Money—an online experience developed by the Accenture Institute for Public Service Value—you have an opportunity to think about your answers to that question.
As part of the online experience, we give you a limited amount of public money to allocate toward improvements in learning and education, public safety and/or ease of transport. If you decide to spend more in some areas, you may have to make tough tradeoffs in others—just as government and public service managers must do.
Once you have completed Spending Public Money, your results will be submitted to the institute, where researchers will assemble and analyze everyone’s input. In the meantime, you can see how people in your country—and others around the world—chose to spend “their” public funds. You also can make comments about your choices.
Please take just a few moments now to share your perspective via
this link: http://citizensnetwork.accenture.com/SpendingPublicMoney/

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