Twitter Outreach

We just set up a twitter account (http://twitter.com/nycHealthy) in hopes of using it as another source of distribution to the press and citizens. So, I’ve been poking around online and discovered a few articles of interest.

The Pioneer Press on Twitter
Learn about micro blogging and join our reporters in the Twitterverse

Twitter usage by the local press to cover the elections
“Twitter tends to shine during shared events — everything from earthquakes to music festivals to Election Day. When we see people self-organizing and helping each other out we’re reminded how important it is to provide simple, reliable tools. Twitter Vote Report (http://blog.twittervotereport.com/) is a great example of the timely and creative projects that can be built by third party developers using Twitter’s APIs.”

I would like to find some market research about how the press uses micro blogging. Please comment if you have any leads.

We’re also considering Twitter for emergency situations and would like some data. This could prove to be a very useful and cheap tool for SMS based distribution to the public.

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Matt Langan

hi there…great post. you should also consider checking out GovTwit (www.govtwit.com)…it features the twitter handles for pretty much anyone who is in government – from elected officials to agencies to think tanks. It’s a great resource for building out followers.