Spider-Man, Public Servant? It’s a comic book promoting a city service!

To quote the blurb:

The Webslinger takes to the New York Daily News and Marvel App to promote public employment services!

Features a very commanding Mayor Bloomberg, who’s already tweeted about it.

It appears as an insert in today’s Daily News, or it can be downloaded via an iTunes app.

More here.


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Stephen Peteritas

Gov’t needs more creativity like this. This is mainstream and often time govies are too segmented off to realize that they don’t represent the mainstream. It’s all about bringing things to people on their level not on yours.


Love it – This one-of-a-kind comic’s story spotlights the range of New York City’s public employment services by using Spidey’s alter-ego Peter Parker, the world’s most prolific jobseeker, as an example of how to use the city’s all-important Workforce1 system and boasts the creative team of writer Warren Simons and artist Todd Nauck with a cover by Phil Jimenez.

Michele Costanza

It reminds me of the Joe Camel cartoon character used in ads for cigarettes. There was controversy that the cartoon character was used to market to kids.

Katherine Clarke Radican "Casey"

Our agency had the same idea and produced a wonderful comic book for children called Squeaks Discovers Type! Check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2poFHDbcTEw. The comic book is geared toward educating children on the history of printing.
Squeaks Discovers Type! is available at GPO’s newly designed and renovated bookstore in Washington, DC or available online at: http://bookstore.gpo.gov/collections/squeaks-discovers-type.jsp