Stalking the Google Street View car

New York Times reporter Corey Kilgannon happened to catch the Google Street View car in action and tried to document the encounter. “It does not come around often, but when it does, the Google Street View car is hard to miss.” he wrote. “It has also gained near-mythic status in towns and cities around the world, as it shows up pacing, Pac Man-like, along streets.” Kilgannon managed to snap a blurry picture from his car, but taking another shot turned out to be more of a challenge. Apparently, like many photographers, the driver appeared to be a lot happier taking pictures than being photographed himself.

I could swear the driver was trying to lose me. First, he stopped dead in a flowing traffic lane on Lexington and waited for a few moments. I stopped too, but was in no position to photograph him. Then he zipped down Lexington and the chase was on!

Kilgannon shot some video before the Google car sped off, and the 29 seconds of footage are posted online. Link to full story and video clip in The New York Times.

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