How to Stay Positive While Surrounded by Energy Vampires


We all have them. Those people that suck the positive energy out of the space that they occupy. Some like to bring other people’s spirits down to where theirs is and others just cannot help but talk about fellow coworkers. Whomever your vampire is, do not let them affect your vitality and positive energy. Beware of these types:

1. The Accuser: This is the person that applies their time to accusing others of hindering their advancement rather than working toward that advancement themselves. They can suck energy by making others feel that they need to defend unfounded accusations.

2. Gossip Group: This is the group that sits in the break room and talks about everyone that walks in – and nobody is exempt from their gossip. They suck energy by making others second guess themselves and feel self-conscious.

3. The Fun Police: This is the person or group who do not like when others are enjoying themselves too much, even if they themselves do not wish to partake in the fun. The Fun Police can make others seem less productive — if you’re having so much fun, how could you possibly be completing your tasks?!

4. Scrooge: This is the employee that is never happy and grunts when asked to do something. This person’s lousy attitude alone is an energy drain.

5. The Jealous Type: This person is similar to the Accuser, though more free with their emotions. This person is never happy for anyone, whether friend or foe.

6. Category 5: This is the one that is ready to blow up at any minute, perhaps manifesting their displeasure physically. Anticipating an explosion, alone, is a drain on energy.

Combat their energy consumption with these helpful tips:

  • Give them no more time than is necessary for completing the tasks that you have in common, such as a group project.
  • If you have the time and patience, hear them out. It could be that they need someone to vent to. However, give yourself a threshold of either time or change in their temperament to end the session – so as not to give too much of yourself.
  • Take control of the situation, whether it is a conversation or behavior, and re-direct it in a more positive direction.
  • Assign empathy to the person. Remember that they are someone’s mother/father and child. Wouldn’t you want someone to extend some understanding to your mother, father, son or daughter?
  • Avoid engaging with them. When you are running low on positive energy, avoiding further depletion should be your default plan.

Ultimately, you set the tone for your day. You have the control. With that in mind, take a few proactive steps to keep your positivity reserves well-stocked for those inevitable run-ins with a vampire. Start with the list below and incorporate any other activity that refreshes your mood:

  • Take time to quiet your mind and reset your mood.
  • Remember that you are not responsible for their bad attitude and negative energy.
  • Turn on some music that reenergizes you.
  • Go outside or take a drive to remove yourself from the negative atmosphere.
  • Be a positive light that inspires others.

We are all vulnerable to the stresses of life and should try to excuse minor offenses. As much as vampires can impact your positive energy, remember that you too can affect theirs. Be kind to one another. Encourage one another. If anything at all, try not to impact others negatively. You never know what others are facing, so let goodwill win the day.

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Thanks to All , that makes this positive article understandable . It is a Great opportunity to learn and Teach others, but most of ALL be the LIGHT that inspires others, to be KIND, have Resilience, and teach how having EMPHATY make our spaces (work) or office and home more pleasurable.! Thank You

Nicole Napuunoa

Thank you so much for commenting. Chronopires, that is a great one–unfortunately I do know the type. They and all the other vampires do inspire creativity and ingenuity in how to remain focused and empathetic, when possible.