Success Rule #11 – Smile

The smile is right up there with Rule Number 8, the firm handshake. A nice smile makes for a good first impression. It implies confidence; a positive attitude and openness . . . someone who is approachable, someone you would like to know and be around. For success you want people to see this in you.

When you smile be sure it’s genuine, friendly, honest and happy – that it extends to your eyes, your handshake, the way you walk and talk. To do this the smile needs to be genuine. To be genuine believe in all of the above.

So why smile? 1.) A smile brings joy to the home, creates good will in business, makes friendships flourish, and brightens the day of passing strangers. It gives hope to the discouraged, sunshine to the weary, and for a few precious moments it can ease the mightiest of burdens. 2.) Your emotional state is in direct correlation to you physical state. If you can change your physical state (Smile) you can change your emotional state. Try it. Close your eyes. Take a moment to have a somber thought, sad even. With this thought firmly in your mind take notice of your facial features. Now suddenly smile – a big toothy grin. Giggle even. Only one thing WILL happen; the thought you had will disappear like the darkness in a windowless room when a light is turned on. If it doesn’t you haven’t smiled big enough. Try again. 🙂

Unlike the rumor that some of us are unable to walk and chew gum at the same time, the truth of the matter is – you cannot smile and be miserable at the same time.

If you don’t have a smile – call me, I’ll give you one of mine. 🙂

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