SUCCESS RULE #33 Never Cover Up for Someone Else

Being extraordinarily successful at what you do means that you have the highest of standards for yourself and others. When you do, you may come across others who won’t have your standards and will try to bring you down to their level or involve you in their games. Don’t put up with it. Never get involved with covering for someone else’s poor performance or behavior.

If you decide to cover up for others it will complicate your life. Who do you cover for? Your friends? Those who have authority over you? Or just anyone who asks? Do you cover up just the little things or do you allow for big issues? Does a little cover up suck you into a bigger one? What will you say when you get caught? What will you tell your family when you are fired? All for what? Someone else?

You don’t cover up because you don’t lie, cheat or steal – nor tolerate those who do. It really is that simple. The decision is an easy one – if you live by your success rules. People already know where you stand. You’ve lived by these success rules and conducted your life as such. If you are approached, be assertive and with confidence simply say ‘No’. The first time may be difficult, awkward perhaps, however it becomes easier and your reputation will be set in that you do not involve yourself with these things.

Your challenge however will be dealing with the emotional blackmail that often comes with your refusal to play their game. This too is easier once you realize, simply by asking you, this person does not have your best interest at heart.

Just remember, a real friend, and others with extraordinary character such as yourself, won’t ask in the first place.

You’re Awesome. Be Extraordinary!

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Anthony Tormey

Founder & CEO

Leader Development Institute


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