Sunlight Foundation Reporting Group: Arab Spring: One Year Later

International lobbying is the hidden story to come out of the Arab Spring, which hits a major landmark Saturday, the first anniversary of ex-Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s resignation. Lobbying represents a vital puzzle piece in an international structure of power that propped up dictators and oppressed millions of people. The Sunlight Foundation has been tracking these developments using the Foreign Lobbying Influence Tracker, a searchable database of international lobbying records gleaned from the Department of Justice that we’ve just updated.

The project started in partnership with ProPublica, aiming to make this treasure trove of information accessible to the public and journalists.

The above map provides a summary of recent events in each country and an up-to date summary of lobbying by county. It’s a quick way to see the lobbying landscape of Middle Eastern and North African lobbying interests over the last few years. For a text version of the map and links to the 119 sources that contributed to the map, click here.

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