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Sweet Gov Conference Tweets -The 2009 Federal Workforce Policy Forum (#ingov)

All times are Pacific Time

June 10, 2009

6:01 am InnoGOV: Federal Workforce Policy Forum is about to start in just a few minutes… follow along using hashtag #INGOV

6:12 am InnoGOV: going thru the room & introducing ourselves…lots of great HR ppl from various fed agencies! #INGOV

6:16 am InnoGOV: In one word, what does ‘Performance’ mean to you? #INGOV

6:21 am InnoGOV: Word used most do describe ‘performance’ – RESULTS. #INGOV

6:29 am InnoGOV: What do you think the Obama admin will require of you, as a #fed worker, in terms of performance? #INGOV

6:33 am InnoGOV: Ms. Gibson believes the #federal hiring process needs to be made simpler in order to be competitive in the job market, agree? #INGOV #fb

6:35 am InnoGOV: Ms Gibson, ” one size does not fit all…culture of your agency will drive your success.” #INGOV

6:36 am InnoGOV: #FAA drives the world’s aviation performance. #INGOV

6:41 am InnoGOV: #fed HR leaders must clearly communicate the mission, vision & values to employees, bridge gap of where u are & where u want to be #INGOV

6:43 am InnoGOV: Line-of-Sight = employee performance must align with organizational outcomes #INGOV

6:57 am InnoGOV: High Performer > Low Performer – are you spending enough time/efforts on retaining ur high performer? #INGOV

7:03 am InnoGOV: Great keynote from Ventris Gibson! Quick 15 min refreshment break… stay tuned #INGOV

7:16 am InnoGOV: Next up…’Capitalize on the Excitement in Public Service’ presented by Patrina Clark, Deputy Chief Human Capital Officer, U.S. GAO #INGOV

7:30 am InnoGOV: Ms. Clark – organizations who can generate excitement for public service will retain their workforce & be in the “winner circle” #INGOV

7:32 am InnoGOV: #Feds, do you remember your first day in public service? was it memorable? #INGOV

7:33 am InnoGOV: audience: lots of forms to fill out! #INGOV

7:51 am InnoGOV: Onboarding talent is sometimes a linear process – what are your strategies to make it more attractive? #HR #fed #INGOV

7:53 am InnoGOV: Patrina Clark utilized a 3-step-process: created a synergy btwn teams, group activities, formal interviews #INGOV

7:57 am InnoGOV: Include ur team in hiring process 2 create a better synergy btwn now/future – ppl will display diff. qualities vs formal interview #INGOV

7:57 am InnoGOV: Ms. Clark: “Be very strategic about your onboarding” #INGOV

8:00 am InnoGOV: #Feds, do u still have that passion for public service now as u did when u first started working? #INGOV

8:03 am InnoGOV: @RepTJMac, use #INGOV to follow along w/ Fed Workforce Policy Forum, taking place today & learn more @ www.InnoGOV.org ! Thanks!

8:05 am InnoGOV: Ms. Patrina Clark encourages #feds to take advantage of social networking sites! #INGOV

8:09 am InnoGOV: Next speaker: Beverly Crowell, Sr. Assc Consultant, Career Systems International #INGOV

8:18 am InnoGOV: Ms. Crowell will be teaching a workshop on Friday from 9am-12pm: ‘Love ’em or lose ’em: Getting Good ppl to stay’ #INGOV

8:21 am InnoGOV: What does a fully engaged employee look like? #INGOV

8:21 am InnoGOV: 1. showing up for work 2.performance 3. discretionary effort …. only 1/3 of #federal employees are fully engaged! #INGOV

8:26 am onboardingcoach: RT @InnoGOV: Ms. Clark: “Be very strategic about your onboarding” #INGOV

8:27 am InnoGOV: Themes for today: baby boomer gen. eligible for retirement, many still staying. How to attract newer generation #workforce? #INGOV

8:28 am InnoGOV: #Feds, why do you stay in public service? What engages you? #INGOV

8:30 am InnoGOV: Survey shows, #federal #employees stay, not b/c of money…but b/c of pride, satisfaction, growth & teamwork – good work enviro. #INGOV

8:32 am InnoGOV: What does the newer generation #workforce want from a job? #INGOV

8:36 am InnoGOV: Ppl. who have lost their jobs are less stressed out than ppl who still have their jobs – they are distracted & worried … agree? #INGOV

8:37 am InnoGOV: engagement will lead to higher satisfaction in employees which will translate to better customer service & better retention #INGOV

8:40 am InnoGOV: How to build a better #workforce under current economic constraints? #INGOV

8:42 am InnoGOV: Remember the basics: communicate w/ employees – take the know & do it… #INGOV

9:06 am InnoGOV: 4 generations in #workforce now, all need/want different types of engagement …do u understand the gens & know how to motivate them? #INGOV

June 11, 2009

6:03 am InnoGOV: Good Morning Twitters! Welcome to day 2 of the #Fed Workforce Policy Forum! To follow along w/ the event use hashtag #INGOV

6:03 am InnoGOV: Today’s keynote speaker: Kevin Mahoney, Assc. Dir Human Capital Leadership & Merit System Accountability, OPM #INGOV

6:04 am InnoGOV: Mr. Mahoney will be addressing, “Insight on the New Workforce Agenda” #INGOV

6:06 am InnoGOV: Major #fed workforce challenges: Budget, mgrs must be developed into future leaders, retirement… #INGOV

6:10 am InnoGOV: hot topic for #fed workforce: Retention. Is newer gen really that fickle? Unlike baby boomers, they will move around quickly? #INGOV

6:11 am InnoGOV: Other #federal workforce issues: hiring process, performance evals, metrics w/o outcomes #INGOV

6:47 am InnoGOV: has any1 heard of OMB’s MAX system? Max.gov – allows #govt folks 2 create groups for disseminating info/engaging group members #INGOV

6:52 am InnoGOV: if rehiring retirees brings back experience, then how do new gen employees gain experience to build future workforce? #INGOV

7:02 am InnoGOV: Next session about to get started, speaker: Diana Benoit, Leaders in Motion Prog. Mgr, Defense Finance & Accounting Service #INGOV

7:03 am InnoGOV: Session will address: ‘Examine the “Leaders in Motion” Program’ …LIM is an internship prog for Dept of Defense… #INGOV

8:03 am anniechae: RT: @InnoGOV Major #fed workforce challenges: Budget, mgrs must be developed into future leaders, retirement… #INGOV

8:07 am InnoGOV: @krazykriz getting ready to present, spotlight on web 2.0, use social media to promote ur org’s mission #INGOV

8:16 am InnoGOV: woohoo! innogov/PI was just congratulated by @krazykriz for our web 2.0 presence! #INGOV

8:23 am InnoGOV: Who are the web 2.0 users? Gen X or Millennials would be usual answer, but KrazyKriz, explains a new gen: Generation C? #INGOV

8:24 am InnoGOV: Generation C: “someone of any age who actively uses social media & engages others on the internet w/ a 2.0 mindset” #INGOV

8:25 am InnoGOV: web 2.0 mindset? – create, collaborative & community-oriented #INGOV

8:26 am InnoGOV: 90% of ppl on twitter are NOT millenials (1980-2000)! Surprising? #INGOV

8:33 am InnoGOV: Partnership 4 Public Service Survey said: 42% of college jr/sr interested in working for #fed #govt, but 13 of 3K felt knowledgeable #INGOV

8:34 am SonaMoon: RT @InnoGOV 90% of ppl on twitter are NOT millenials (1980-2000)! Surprising? #INGOV

8:39 am InnoGOV: stats have proven that generation is not a barrier for #web2.0…so is it just a fear of learning something new? #INGOV

8:46 am InnoGOV: utilizing youtube as a recruitment tool to produce raw, effective material to inspire viewers & be interested in the organization #INGOV

8:48 am InnoGOV: I am public service… ebook of ppl in public service telling their stories first-hand, has any1 told theirs? #INGOV

8:52 am InnoGOV: The Graduate School is starting a prog for helping recruit & prepare next gen for #federal #workforce #INGOV

8:55 am InnoGOV: Issue: Social Media sites blocked in govt agencies…but things r changing, Army just lifted ban, Domino effect for other agencies? #INGOV

9:00 am InnoGOV: @krazykriz in 1 yr has attracted 13,000 employees across all agencies! Great tool for cross-communication & idea exchanging #INGOV #govloop

9:15 am InnoGOV: Thanks @KrazyKriz for a great session on social media! Lunch break before afternoon sessions… #INGOV

9:58 am dslunceford: RT @InnoGOV: Thanks @KrazyKriz for a great session on social media! Lunch break before afternoon sessions… #INGOV

11:25 am krazykriz: Next speaker at #ingov event: our very own Malena Brookshire! On the Young Government Leaders (YGL) board w/me @innogov #govloop

11:37 am InnoGOV: @PerformanceInst ‘s Jon Desenberg speaking on @fednewsradio about new #CPO confirmation hearing! Listen now! #INGOV #fb

11:43 am krazykriz: Want to keep young people > 2.8 yrs? “Offer challenging environment; not just more work, but more interesting work.” (M Brookshire) #ingov

11:44 am krazykriz: People often quit a boss, not a job. “Provide supervisory support to your potential leaders.” – M. Brookshire, YGL, #ingov @innogov

12:21 pm JACKPEPTALKS: rt@krazykrizPeople often quit a boss, not a job. “Provide supervisory support to your potential leaders.”M. BrookshireYGL, #ingov @innogov

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