Sweet Gov Conference Tweets – Transparency Camp West #tcamp09

Transparency Camp West was held from Aug. 8-9, 2009, on the Google Campus in Mountain View, Calif.

After working with Andrew Krzmarzick on the OGI Tweetbook, I wanted to try to compile the Tweets from this conference in a similar manner. Unfortunately I bought a house and moved in the middle of all that which delayed this post somewhat, but in any event, you can now find the Tweets for this conference in the Transparency Camp West Tweetbook.

Let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions for the layout or format. We are learning as we go. As long as the Tweets from these conferences are not too numerous, I can produce this fairly quickly (and as long as I don’t buy a house and move again). For large conferences like the OGI Conference, we have to have many collaborators to put together a Tweetbook.

I added a mini display of the Tweetbook below:

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Andrew Krzmarzick

Pam!! Awesome job! I think the obvious improvement is the amount of space between the tweets…makes it much easier to read!

Pam Broviak

Thanks to both of you for your help on it too! You were right, Andy, turning the borders of the cells off at the end does help the presentation of the material.

David Tallan

It looks great! However, it may be worth pointing out that if you try and print it (for a 59 page document as well formatted as this, I prefer to read offline), you only print the pages showing on the screen at the time.