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DC-area creatives primed to deliver meaningful projects during Digital Capital Week

Launched April 1, Digital Capital Week (DCWEEK) unveiled a wiki to fill volunteer positions for twenty-five projects focused on technology, innovation, and all things digital. The ten-day festival is designed to promote digital literacy, drive economic (re)development and improve the interconnectedness of Washington, D.C. residents and their government. Similar to Austin, Texas’ SXSW festival (whereRead… Read more »

Modern Communities – No Longer Exclusive Clubs

I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea of community and how this applies to the digital world. It is something that a lot of people talk about, but I fear it is from learning the buzz words instead of from real understanding. The concept of a community is not new. In fact it isRead… Read more »

Help for Haiti Conference Call

In the wake of the devastating 7.0-magnitude earthquake in Haiti Tuesday, many concerned government, NGO and private sector technology folks from diverse organizations are mobilizing to help. I’m especially proud of the fact that some of my friends and colleagues from the Crisis Camp community are leading the charge. If you are a humanitarian assistance,Read… Read more »

Sweet Gov Conference Tweets – Transparency Camp West #tcamp09

Transparency Camp West was held from Aug. 8-9, 2009, on the Google Campus in Mountain View, Calif. After working with Andrew Krzmarzick on the OGI Tweetbook, I wanted to try to compile the Tweets from this conference in a similar manner. Unfortunately I bought a house and moved in the middle of all that whichRead… Read more »

Transparency Camp thoughts: an ode to basic research

Several people have asked me what I took away from Transparency Camp, an “unconference” held this past weekend here in DC (read the Twitter stream to get an idea what it was like). I did get a few concrete facts out of it, but fundamentally to me, it was all about basic research, not applied.Read… Read more »