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“Sweet GovTweets” Fri 10 April, 2009 edition

Apologies for errors in advance;

Follow gov news on twitter @govdigest – 3 stories every half hour from the best sources #opengov #gov20 #govloop

“What is meant by open government?” see this interesting post on topic: http://bit.ly/2g4BGR #mesh09 #gov20 #opengov (@changecamp)

“Smarter Government” #gov20 #opengov profile of Federal CIO Vivek Kundra and Apps for Democracy http://tinyurl.com/ctdrbd

sketched this idea of Open Data from a #changecamp meeting a couple months ago. http://bit.ly/oR0B #mesh09 #opengov

Top 10 Ways Government’s Using Twitter (#gov20 #govloop)
1. Federal: Crowd-sourcing ideas to improve
2. State: Communicating with citizens
3. County: Posting links to key information
4. City: Reporting incidents, sending alerts
5. Legislators: Sharing proceedings from floor
6. Candidates: Getting out the vote
7. Good Gov Groups: Pressing for change, innovation

Top 10 Ways Government’s Using Twitter (#gov20 #govloop) 11. Crowd sourced, up to the second security information

#gov20 one of the concerns I am hearing is that if you “choose” to use Twitter etc, you put competitors at a disadvantage. How do I address?

#gov20 the argument is that socmed tools are not free, we are paying in eyeballs and shouldn’t we have to assess and then award an agreement

#gov20 it floors me that government agencies would choose to look at social media this way. Any resources to point to for help with this?

@g2tt: @CaraKeithley “the argument is that socmed tools are not free, we are paying in eyeballs” can you explain… offer example? #gov20

: It is hard to explain #gov20 to people who don’t get it or are scared. I need to get over that if I am going to advance the mission for OH.

Nice article in @Slate – How the heck did the TSA get so great at blogging? http://is.gd/rMoR #gov20

@web20blog: Dont share best practices. Share ones which are good enough. http://tinyurl.com/dontsharebest #gov20 #gov20camp

@digiphile: “The Art of Community Building: 2 Views” by @AMcAfee: http://bit.ly/Zloq | #E20 #gov20 | Just cited the CIA’s Intellipedia. Uncanny timing.

@innogov: “The YouTube Presidency” http://bit.ly/15SWgh – what do you think? good or bad? #gov20

@g2tt: “What is meant by open government?” see this interesting post on topic: http://bit.ly/2g4BGR #mesh09 #gov20 #opengov (@changecamp)

@cheeky_geeky: Story and preview of some of my DOD research on social software, at @Wired – http://is.gd/rOzp #gov20

@dslunceford: Reading: “WTF? Military Web 2.0 Report Actually Making Sense” MSM showing the #gov20 love, 1st TSA, now NDU ( http://tinyurl.com/d82zd3 )

four broad government functions of social software” #gov20 see (thks @govwiki) http://tinyurl.com/damnto

#Federal agencies now free to use fb. GSA signs agreement w/ #Facebook http://tinyurl.com/dczbq9 #gov20

Web 2.0 facilitates Public Administration by bridging the gap between the Social learning paradigm with Networked Governance. #gov20

@dbast: Modern governance moving towards paradigms of Social Learning & Networked Governance for a while. With Web 2.0 it is finally possible #gov20

@sairy: For those who attended #sxsw Whitehouse.gov 2.0 session, please give feedback on the session transcript – http://tinyurl.com/djwjx6 #opengov

Just posted a compilation of Fed agency social media policies and resources on http://tinyurl.com/cjkzb9

@socialbttrfly: Government Collaboration & new media with a purpose…@AIDgov, CDC and the White House are on the move: http://bit.ly/oMTLs #gov20 #AAAIDS

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