Gov Loop email has flagged word list

Good Morning.

Just a heads up. My group email got flagged this morning for the word Nigerian. Turns out that a woman from Nigeria was stopped by customs for trying to smuggle a dead bird into the country in a bar of soap. I do not make this stuff up.

When sending the email the word Nigerian was flagged. Just a heads up so there is no suprise. I was allowed to send the email, they wanted to make sure.

Here is the original email to see the word in cotext:

Thought for the day “Other’s success is not your failure” Raising other’s up does not put us down, it can lift us as well.

HHS Nominee Pays $7,040 in Back Taxes-Sebelius tax problems not slow her conf. T Daschle owed 140K taxes-

Dead Bird Hidden in Soap Found at BWI- Nigerian woman tries getting dead bird through airport in soap. No word on what killed the bird. It is one more way H5N1 could get into the country -

TViroblock SA Reports Positive Results of Preclinical Studies in Antiviral Nasal Spray-possible H5N1 blocker. H5N1 and other influenzas can have a fatty coating that keeps them moist. This is why virus does not dry out in the air or on a surface and can remain potent. The drug breaks down the outer coating so the virus dies quicker. -

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