Talking to the Hard-of-Hearing

I am among the retired/aged members of this website and by now quite hard-of-hearing (hoh). I also write and still into posting online memoirs, vignettes, blogs, short stories and assorted pieces of non-fiction. About a dozen or so years ago I invited via the growing Internet other hohers (whatever their ages, self-identification discouraged) to tell me what and how they and their families experienced having their own personal hearing disability. I got feedback from many hohers like myself and also from several professionally knowledgeable people. I certainly had enough for a fair-sized blog. Every few years I prepare and post an update and include any new feedback.

I recently updated my blog on talking to the hoh and posted it online at:

The new blog’s title and headings:


Edited and Updated Mar 25/2011

Compiled and posted by HoH Meyer (Mike) Moldeven

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Part Two: References #

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