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Considering College Costs Beyond Tuition

If you’re heading to college this fall, you may be focused on the major costs—tuition and fees, possibly room and board. We have examined some of the other costs of college, such as textbooks and college debit cards, that can really add up if you’re not looking out for them. Here’s some information to helpRead… Read more »

L-Podcast Episode 006 – Barry Hopping, Chairman of the School Committee of the Town of Ipswich Massachusetts

Welcome to the latest edition of the series of discussions with thought leaders who are bringing new and innovative solutions to the challenges government faces in delivering services to the citizen. +++++++ My guest for this episode is Barry Hopping, Chairman of the School Committee of the Town of Ipswich Massachusetts. Barry has served theRead… Read more »

Learning From Students

The Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland held ‘mock interviews’ and I had the honor of being an interviewer. The students came eager to learn from this role-playing exercise. The ‘interviewers’ are seasoned individuals – most are Smith School Alumni – and well experienced in hiring superior candidates. My ‘interviews’ found theRead… Read more »

Are young government workers recognized enough? What are we doing to bring in new talent?

Over the past 20 years, there have been many great and successful Public Service Recognition Week events, both in the DC area and around the country. But none have focused on students, recent graduates, and young government workers. At the same time, among all the calls for more efficient (or even smaller) government, there hasRead… Read more »

Talking to the Hard-of-Hearing

I am among the retired/aged members of this website and by now quite hard-of-hearing (hoh). I also write and still into posting online memoirs, vignettes, blogs, short stories and assorted pieces of non-fiction. About a dozen or so years ago I invited via the growing Internet other hohers (whatever their ages, self-identification discouraged) to tellRead… Read more »