Tell Us What Healthcare Reform will Do for US in 200 Words

Health care reform is hard politics, with a great deal of wangering. But, I would like to the point focus to turn to the people,tell us what it is and what it is not in 200 words or less with key bullet points making it more tangible? Can Gov 2.0 effectively bridge the information gap to the people and then send it out to the people?

Can anyone cut to the chase, and drill it down by telling us/the people what the tax implications are, tell us what the insurance companies won’t or will be doing and then tell us HOW it will benefit us at the street level, in laymens terms?

Sorry, to ask these very real questions which are all part of our real world right now.

All politics a side, can we get the nuts and bolts disseminated to the people it impacts the most, the American Public.

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