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the best thing about being a City Hall Fellow

This post is part 1 of a 3-part series by recently-graduated SF2011 Fellow Marielle Earwood, reflecting on her Fellowship year.

The best thing about being a Fellow…. is that you feel like you are VIP wherever you go. During the first three weeks of my Fellowship year, we went all around the city and were presented extensive amounts of information from multiple agencies and on how those agencies function in relation to city government. The orientation consisted of a wide variety of topics about our host city, with speakers giving thorough talks around their area of expertise. We received detailed information around topics like revenue taxation and finance, intergovernmental issues and managing up, the city’s transportation agency, and much, much more! As a group we toured the Presidio, a beautiful historic park that resides in San Francisco, with endless history and beauty, and toured San Francisco’s 311 headquarters as well, which provides San Francisco residents with information from available services to transportation updates, addressing any questions that may come up from the general public- quite the service! We heard from Fellowship alumni on how to make the most out of our Fellowship year, computer skills training, and lessons learned from their past Fellowship experiences. During our orientation we were also invited to attend some very exciting events like the Treasure Island transfer ceremony, at which our very own previous Mayor, now Lieutenant Governor, Gavin Newsom and Speaker Nancy Pelosi spoke during the program, with a lovely reception afterwards with yummy food and drinks! As a City Hall Fellow, you receive very special treatment with unheard of exposure to many different layers of City government.

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