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The Federal Coach: Discussing leadership issues in government

Are you a seasoned federal government manager trying to bring excellence to your workplace? A contractor trying to navigate an unfamiliar bureacracy? An aspiring leader who wants to change the world through federal government service?

Then I know you will want to read my new Washington Post On Leadership column and blog, The Federal Coach. In a unique collaboration, The Washington Post and Partnership for Public Service produce the three-times-a-week Federal Coach. Please view the blog as a water cooler and a classroom, a place to vent frustrations, learn something new and find inspiration for the work ahead.

Our goal is to engage, inspire and learn from you, the federal worker, whether you are a new hire, a contractor or a manager at the highest department level. Because the public sector has unique — if sometimes frustrating! — leadership challenges, we believe our content in this blog will also be relevant to anyone seeking to become a better leader.

Here’s what you can expect:

Monday: “Getting Ahead,” a short, motivational column with actionable advice on “leading up,” overcoming obstacles and breaking through bureacracy.

Wednesday: “View from the Top Floor,” where I will interview leaders in the federal space, people who are innovating and bringing federal performace to a new level.

Friday: I will respond to questions. Do you have a difficult boss? A need to motivate your team? Pressures from above?

I look forward to engaging with the GovLoop community on a wide-range of leadership issues. Please read my first column from the link below on what Steve Jobs can learn from public leaders. Send me your questions, ideas for interviews and thoughts on leadership to the [email protected].

Click here to read what Steve Jobs can learn from public leaders.

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