The Future of Government Customer Service: 4 Trends to Watch

For GovLoop’s Agency of the Future Guide to Customer Service, we asked more than 250 respondents to give us their opinion on customer service in government today and their predictions regarding its future. The guide explores the results from our survey in more detail, but for a sneak peek, see the highlights below.

Basic Facts:

The majority of our respondents—about 89 percent—came from federal, state, or local government institutions while the remainder represented industry and other organizations. An unexpected 85 percent of survey participants listed their jobs as customer service-oriented even though their positions did not require them to operate in an official customer service capacity.

Lessons Learned: Realities Today vs. Realities Tomorrow

Customer service in government today is marked by two distinct trends according to respondents:

  1. Increased Interaction on Social Media: The use of Facebook and Twitter is becoming more prevalent in government customer service programs, with government offices using these social media hubs to respond to customer concerns and communicate with employees.
  2. The Need for Prompt Human Responses: Survey participants emphasized over and over the importance of a prompt human response for good customer service. Some respondents found that this type of response was lacking in government, while others remembered the times that a government employee had replied to them quickly, even if it was just to say, “I will get back to you on that issue.”

In the future, government customer service will be defined by two trends as well:

  1. Analysis and Use of Big Data: In the future, big data will be the key to anticipating customers’ needs and will define areas for improvement. Respondents noted that the analysis and use of big data will become even more effective as data is increasingly integrated across government agencies.
  2. Increased Transparency and Customer Engagement: Web-based and mobile platforms will give customers 24/7 access to government services and will present opportunities for increased transparency and citizen engagement. Customers will be able to track their requests and provide real time feedback on customer service programs and the quality of government goods and services.

In addition to the above trends, survey participants stated that in the future they would like to see more of the following in government customer service interactions:

For more information on customer service trends in government, be sure to check out the Agency of the Future Guide to Customer Service.


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