The Gift of 2011 – Thank You #thankyou #dads #moms

Matt's Awesome Daugthers on Hallowed Ground 2011

Matt’s Awesome Daugthers on Hallowed Ground 2011

I had a really long post planned (and may still post a diatribe at some point), but when I thought more about it, this need not be long.

I had an interesting year. An organization that I care a great deal about, have my entire life, did its best to do me harm. They not only failed, but as a result of their efforts they gave me the greatest gift I could have ever received.

I met my girls again last year. All of them, my wife Kathleen, my daughters Emma and Madison. I learned deeply who they are, who they like, what they hate, how they like breakfast, what travel they will do, what their dreams are, what makes them cry, what makes them laugh. I learned a bit how to be a much better husband and father. I learned to not just say I put them first, but to actually do it. I learned how hard my wife’s “job” is (both the one that earns her money and the one that causes her heartburn). I learned to listen and be there, more than to give out advice to them. I learned to love each of them, in their own way and with an undying devotion. And I learned that unbridled speed simply makes you miss the beauty of your life (regardless of the great but silly titles you might have).

So, despite the intentions of the organization that created what looked like a huge challenge, I need to thank them for giving me the greatest gift ever.

And as reference, I got to check a bunch of these items off the list this year and will target the remainder each day I wake up. The post will make Dad’s cry, so be prepared. :) http://www.fromdatestodiapers.com/50-rules-for-dads-of-daughters

Thank you all!

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