What happened to my digital camera at Christmas? Not a lot!

I would not call myself a Luddite but equally I would not call myself a forward thinker. As you are about to see….

When mobile phones first came out with cameras in them I thought ‘well that’s a waste of time’, ‘what fools are going to use such a thing?’ I distinctly remember being at a Tube station and inwardly mocking someone using their phone to take a picture of their friends.

I do a lot of inwardly mocking by the way, a bad habit.

So in the end I got a phone with a camera, an Iphone of course. Over time I even got to use it a bit and linked it to an Instagram account, Yfrog etc.

At Christmas as I was packing I thought ‘must take my camera’ which I duly packed in my bag.

When I was back in London, and unpacking after visiting my relatives, I found my camera again and went ‘oh I never even took it out of my bag!’


Of course because I was inside relatives’ houses if I needed to take any pictures I used my phone.

Then I thought back to the time when I had inwardly mocked those new users of cameras in phones.

How the mighty (mockers) are fallen.

Dare I add that I never thought that Kindles would take off either? Of course now I feel a fool finding out that over 1 million were sold at Christmas in this country.

All I will say is don’t rely on me for technological predictions.

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