The Government Man is Getting Angry

The Government Man is turning serious, now that our Congress has created the illusion of resolving our debt crisis.

When I wrote Confessions of a Government Man my intention was strictly humor, not political commentary, but between the lines there were a lot of truths which our legislators are now doing a good job of proving. I mention, among other things, how dysfunctional our Congress has become, and; how those who solve a problem are generally the ones who created it – again in this case the US Congress. When the current crisis is finally resolved, at least politically, watch all of the glad-handing and photo ops going on. Our representatives are influenced by their own egos and agendas and are controlled by the very people they are supposed to regulate. I can’t wait for the inevitable speech about how “the American people will have to make sacrifices.” I would like for once to hear about the sacrifices to be made by our Members of Congress, even if just a token. Finally, I think we are all tired of hearing the term “entitlement” applied to Medicare and Social Security. They are only entitlements to those who haven’t paid for it.

Where is our leadership? If a business is run with the fiscal irresponsibility that our country is being run, it would be gone, unless it’s “too big to fail” and is bailed out by taxpayers. Let’s see real spending cuts, including pet projects in Member’s districts. I would like to hear one of our astute representatives say something like, “we can close a few post offices in my district,” or, “we don’t need this grant money.” In business, managers are responsible for cutting their own departments in a crisis. Let’s see Congress do the same thing.

Our leaders manipulate the media and pass on misinformation to the American taxpayer. When I hear talk about “no taxes” or “no inflation” I can’t help but thinking about “a rose by any other name.” Seniors who depend on their savings are now getting less than 1% on their money so banks can make millions; food and fuel costs have gone through the roof during this administration; hidden nickel and time changes in Medicare and the tax code were quietly slipped past the American public. Call it what you want, but that part of the citizenry that pays taxes and earned its benefits are paying for the irresponsibility of our leaders.

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Alan L. Greenberg

Gadi is analytical. I’m emotional. BTW our Congress is proving my point again with the mishandling of the FAA budget fiasco which, according to what I saw on CNN today, is costing the government $25M a day in lost revenue.

Susan Thomas

@Alan, There is a definite failure to govern. The recent debt ceiling “deal” is the ultimate game of Three Card Monte. Do they think the American people are stupid? Wait until 2012.


Annoys me as well these political games.

Only thing I do like is having a bi-partisan group that has to make cuts with a trigger if they do nothing. I think that’s clutch – I wish most of these decisions were like that – a neutral 3rd party that makes recommendations that have to be taken

Alan L. Greenberg

Thanks for the comments. Based on the response to the last blog maybe “Confessions” should have been political commentary rather than satire. The “solution” to the debt crisis reminds me of what the credit card companies do when you’ve maxed out your cards and are hopelessly in debt – they extend you more credit over a longer time period.