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“On My Watch” – Martha Johnson’s Book About Her GSA Time (and the GSA Scandal)

The Thanksgiving lull was a good time for me to read On My Watch. I had retired well before Martha Johnson became GSA Administrator. I was there however, in a high level position, when she was Chief of Staff to GSA Administrator David Barram. During Mr. Barram’s administration, GSA, in my opinion, underwent the mostRead… Read more »

The Government Can Save Dollars by Eliminating Pennies (and Why it Will Never Happen)

(Author’s Note! My comments are a bit tongue-in-cheek, although with a lot of underlying truths based on my career experiences. Please consider it fun stuff. I loved my career!) During a recent trip to Canada I noticed that each time I received change it was rounded to the nearest nickel. At first I thought itRead… Read more »

“I Wish I Had the Kind Of Job You Think I Have”

There has been too much fed-bashing these days by politicians and the media, much of which has tarnished the perception of the federal employee. We have found out which elected officials are our friends and which are using the feds as fodder for their political grandstanding and campaigning. Among the many ridiculous pieces of legislationRead… Read more »