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The Goverment Man Talks About the GSA Scandal (Again) and the Inspector General – Some Fun Stuff

My last few blogs departed from the fun stuff from Confessions and shifted to some caustic commentary about the GSA scandal with just a few barbs pointed at the Office of the Inspector General. My You Tube videos did the same. Given the recent well-publicized and hard to justify midnight raid on someone’s hotel room,Read… Read more »

The Government Man Discusses the GSA Scandal – Part Three

The media frenzy over the peccadillos of a few GSA people has quieted a bit, thanks to the Secret Service scandal. The issue, of course, will be a political battle of grandstanding for a while. It’s easier for the committees to relate to the cost of Beef Wellington and Monte Cristo sandwiches than the nationalRead… Read more »

Give the Gift of the Government Man

First, a brief commercial. At he risk of being accused of blowing my own horn, my book, Confessions of a Government Man, would be an ideal gift for any govie, past present and future. Check out my website for more information. Now, for today’s blog. This excerpt from the book is about another ofRead… Read more »

The Government Man Reflects on 9/11

During these days prior to the tenth anniversary of the worst day in the history of this country the Government Man will dispense with the usual satire and comedy. Poking fun at what people take seriously is something I enjoy doing but there is nothing funny about 9/11. Since it has become fashionable to trashRead… Read more »

The Government Man and the Samplehog

My last blog was uncharacteristic of me. I’m more comfortable telling tall tales than doing political commentary but the extraordinary events surrounding the debt ceiling crisis put me over the edge. This week I revert back to the tales. Some of you might have noticed in prior blogs and commentaries just a hint of disdainRead… Read more »

When the Government Man Violated the Rules

It is time again for another blog., At the risk of being a bit repetitious, I am a retired Senior Executive (GSA) and the author of a recently published book, Confessions of a Government Man: How to Succeed in Any Bureaucracy. It’s holiday time so this blog will be short. The anecdote was cut fromRead… Read more »