The “I’ll Never Use That” Mentality

I hear this a lot: “I only do FFP, so I don’t need to know cost reimbursement contracts”.

When I hear that, my stomach turns over.

You may not need to know that now, but you don’t know where you’ll be in the future. (Plus I just like learning).

I wouldn’t want to work for anyone with that mentality, let alone hire anyone with that outlook. I think it’s a general indication of adaptability and passion. If you love to learn, you are pretty much set for life. As for those without that talent, well I feel for you.

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Patricia Paul

Wow-I get the feeling that someone just said that 5 minutes before you wrote that post.

It is frustrating to be around people that just want to do what is the very least to get a job done. I’ve always thoughts it was pretty boring not to ask questions and find out new things.

But I have to admit–the last time that I was a contractor on cost plus fixed fee contract (at a previous employer), it was a really tough contract to reconcile and administer.

Sterling Whitehead

It can be frustrating. Some people don’t want to learn because they get comfortable. Of course, once you get comfortable, you know something is wrong.