The “I’ll Never Use That” Mentality

I hear this a lot: “I only do FFP, so I don’t need to know cost reimbursement contracts”.

When I hear that, my stomach turns over.

You may not need to know that now, but you don’t know where you’ll be in the future. (Plus I just like learning).

I wouldn’t want to work for anyone with that mentality, let alone hire anyone with that outlook. I think it’s a general indication of adaptability and passion. If you love to learn, you are pretty much set for life. As for those without that talent, well I feel for you.

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Wow-I get the feeling that someone just said that 5 minutes before you wrote that post.

It is frustrating to be around people that just want to do what is the very least to get a job done. I’ve always thoughts it was pretty boring not to ask questions and find out new things.

But I have to admit–the last time that I was a contractor on cost plus fixed fee contract (at a previous employer), it was a really tough contract to reconcile and administer.