The La Follette Weblog – La Flog

The La Follette School Student Association, a student organization for the La Follette School of Public Affairs, has created La Flog to:

1. Share events and discussions of La Follette Students in a public forum;
2. Raise awareness of La Follette, LSSA, and the policy issues we study; and,
3. Collaborate and interact through technology.

The third goal, collaboration, can be expanded: Collaboration – (noun) – from Latin com and laborare meaning with, or jointly, to labor. From Merriam-Webster Online, collaboration means “to work jointly with others or together especially in an intellectual endeavor.”

So far La Flog has been taking off. We just passed our 500th visitor. Faculty and staff have been contributing. The student association has used it for social events and getting students matched with housing. It is a successful start!

One question I have had, however, is whether other graduate programs studying public policy have experimented with blogs and Web 2.0. So far I haven’t found much (see here). Has GovLoop seen other progressive, innovative graduate blogs?

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Nate Inglis Steinfeld

Thanks for the comment! The HKS blog is a good one.

I’ll cross post over here as we go. Thanks for the idea!

And if you are ever in Madison, look me up.