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Screenshot of Google Translate widget

On LGBT Asylum News I recently added a Google Translation widget. I’ve just got my first feedback on it and it’s good, apparently it’s a useful add-on!

The widget is from madtomato and shows flags for six languages. You click and it sends you to Google Translate, where you can pick another language.

Screenshot of Google translate showing LGBT Asylum News in French

It’s not perfect – the widget should say the following ‘Click any flag to select another language’ – I’ve modified it to say that.

Google Translate isn’t perfect either – it misses the titles of posts on LGBT Asylum News for some strange reason – but I use the service often and find you can generally get the sense of what an article is about and fill in most mistranslations or non-translations.

It also now has a much wider range of languages. They recently added Fasi (Persian) due to demand and I know that’s been heavily used, and useful.

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