The Lack of Specialized Professionals in Technology of the Information in the World.

The Computer is an Intelligent Donkey ! With this definition we will approach one of the principal problems for the progress of the Technology of the Information in the current days. For being one it conspires that it simply assists to programming commands, they become necessary Analysts, Programmers and an entire range of professionals that have besides the knowledge of the computer science, disposition to learn and to review her plans every knowledge type, as in the Government in: Subjects Legislative, Administrative, among others.
Dispersed recruitment companies exist for the World, like IMR, that possess professionals visiting several countries to recruit personal with basic knowledge of computer science, you train them and to offer service of work hand specialized in your softwares to your Customers.
The Some years a friend, in you hurt for the World, She visited one of these companies and it ended up filling out a cadaster record to try a placement as Analyst of Systems.
The Cadaster that was done even by friends’ of that Parents insistence, resulted in an unusual fact, a phone call requesting her attendance the company and a meeting with the President of the same.
She was surprised to the knowledge for the President that he travels for the World seeking people that know the basic of the computer science and they can migrate for Countries of first World with guaranteed employment and growth opportunity in your professional life. Did the President speak that when entering in a Cab, did she simply ask the driver, do You know anybody what she works with Computer science? It is He always obtained success in your recruitment trips.
Without still to have visited Brazil and being knowing through my friend, of the professionals’ of computer science of this Parents capacity and of the little remuneration and offered advantages, He came immediately in visit with my friend to Fortaleza, and it got to take professionals of high level that were working in companies of the Government and of the Deprived area.
Many of these Brazilian ones will help to solve for several companies of the World Bug of the Millennium.

The Brazilian Laws only allow professionals’ recruiting for the Government through Public Contests or services rendered. In the City hall of Fortaleza the development of all the Computerized Systems went by a study of the needs of the House, and it was totally developed by the professionals’ of Technology of the Information of the same team. As responsible for the Computer science we passed through training, a lot of times, in the own company and given by my person, the necessary knowledge so that we can qualify this team of professionals and to get to develop in the interaction between the Government and the Society.
The Responsible for the Technology of the Information in the company besides being learning on the new technologies, has although he worries with the qualification of your work team.

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