The Revolution of the Information through the Electronic Gossip !

Mr. Mucio, our computer science teacher, began a class of this it sorts things out:

– The Man needed to count your sheep and for that it began to join stones according to the amount of sheep that possessed and the data processing was created like this.

In a simple way we learned, with this fabulous teacher, to walk for the universe of the Technology of the Information. We always had an innovation in your Class:

– We will teach to the Computer as a clock works:

Algorithm of the Clock:

1 ask Hours, Minutes and Seconds
2 are Always = 0
3 do While Always = 1
4 do While Hours minor than 24
5 do While Minutes minor than 60
6 do While Second smaller than 60
7 show Hours, Minutes and Seconds
8 are Time = 0
9 do While smaller Time than 2000 (D8001 counted from 0 to 2000 in 1 Second)
10 are Time = Time + 1
11 come back to the Item 9
12 are Second = Seconds + 1
13 come back to the Item 6
14 are Minutes = Minutes + 1
15 come back to the Item 5
16 are Hours = Hours + 1
17 come back to the Item 4
18 come back to the Item 3
19 end

We learned how then to Analyze the largest problems of the Technology of the Information and you solve them with creativity. They already leave more than 20 years of the I begin of this it historizes to the current days. We can really be considered Dinosaurs with soul of Beginners. Always trying to learn and to review the new generations knowledge in a simple way of understanding.

It was now the night reading an article in a site and we were thinking about the new form of sharing information. Most of Sites of you announce mainly, at the end of your matters, it allows to your user that we denominated of Electronic Gossip. It is Impressive as this idea this revolutionizing the popularization of information for Internet.

At Little time we found something interesting in Internet and we ordered through electronic mail for our friends a link or even it paginates her/it of the reads matter. See as the mail eletônico he/she became fundamental to publish information.

Now when reading an information we started to use tools of Electronic Gossip, in other words, when pressing a simple called button Twitter, Facebook, Orkut, among other passed that information for several friends real or virtual of an only time. These friends certainly will read the matter, to press one of these buttons and to send the information to your Friends Real or Virtual.

We created like this the Net of Electronic Gossip for Indispensable use in the Technology of the Information. Do you Vary them forms of Digital Media they will survive the this it would revolutionize change?

Clear. Midias are adopting the Electronic Gossip as form of popularization of your own Existence. The Evolution of the Technology in your simpler communication form: The Gossip.

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