The New Organizational Structure and Telework

The future of our US economy may continue to fluctuate and will be very different than in the past or the present time. The Federal government reporting and operational structure will need to be streamlined and reorganized to reduce operating costs and to create an efficient, low cost Federal government. By implementing the Telework Act fully and taking full advantage of advanced technology, organizations can begin restructuring its functional reporting structure to make an organization flatter and leaner, more efficient and more effective in serving the public. To ensure that the organization can operate successfully in the new streamlined reporting organizational structure, organizations need to ensure the elimination of unnecessary command and control hierarchy, to build high performing and trustworthy organization, to have the right personnel and the right talents in the right positions, more importantly, to have the right leaders with the right leadership traits and attributes in the right positions.

It is crucial to enhance communication and to promote organizational and performance excellence by eliminating bottlenecks that harm open and honest communication, innovation and productivity. The Federal government can be more efficient and more effective in serving the public at a much lower cost if the restructuring is done correctly! Employee and job satisfaction factors should and must be considered in this restructuring effort!

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