The Open Innovation Festival is not an event, it is a fundamental change in thinking

“Predominantly… because of the internet an enormous shift has taken place in society. Everybody can get to knowledge”. Martijn Aslander speaks about Accessibility to knowledge in the network economy and a new world of work for the government. ”I want to move things. Paper does not move people.”

The past five days of Open Innovation Festival 2010 have demonstrated that combining expertise and creativity of so many people and governmental organizations can make a difference. The Open Innovation Festival is still young and this was only the beginning. Next year, OIF will be back. Strongly based in the Netherlands, but more international than ever.

To mark the international course of OIF the truly inspirational Martijn Aslander will close this year’s Open Innovation Festival addressing his audience in the city of Hoorn and online in English. A firm believer in the strength of the network society and in the need for governments to open up, Martijn is the embodiment of OIF’s mission. Martijn has contributed to all OIF’s so far and we are proud to keep this tradition alive.

Watch Martijn Aslander live at 16.30 in Hoorn: http://bit.ly/endoif2010 Timezone Amsterdam
Follow him on twitter @resourcerer
Ask questions during the talk on twitter with the hashtag #oif2010

About the Open Innovation Festival
The first two Open Innovation Festivals (OIF), which took place in Enschede and Amsterdam, were fantastic local festivals with a national reach. One year after the start of OIF in 2009 it has developed in a nationwide movement with partners in Europe.

Special note to all the civil servants and speakers OIF2010
OIF2010 has been a celebration of creativity and open mindness. Many of you have been inspiring leaders who have seized the opportunity to show how governments can benefit from opening up to the ideas of the crowd. A massive thank you to all of you of have put in so much effort and time. You did not only contribute to OIF, you are the Open Innovation Festival.

Visit: www.openinnovationfestival.com
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