The Open Kent API

If you are a web developer, please feel free to use our API (Application Programming Interface). This pulls data from our datastore and is updated approximately every 10 minutes.

Please see the information and links below. Please note that the “host: port” for Open Kent is “”.

For example, the reference in the documentation of


would translate as:*&sortBy=updated&sortOrder=desc&&count=10

Introduction to the API Reference

This application programming interface (API) provides services for using the Open Kent catalogue and adding plug-in extensions to the server. The catalogue-related services are all Representational State Transfer (REST) services based on the Atom Syndication Format and the Atom Publishing Protocol. See the link here for more information.

Search API

The Search API is an OpenSearch-conformant REST interface. OpenSearch defines how a search provider exposes its search capability (the format and meaning of the search URIs) and the feeds generated to return the search results. The Search API exposes an OpenSearch document that defines the queries it supports. See here for instructions on how to use it.

Catalogue API

The Catalogue API is a set of Atom Publishing Protocol (APP) feeds. See here for instructions on how to use it.

Feed API

The feed API is comprised of the feed formats that are produced by all of the feed generators that are deployed in the server. See here for instructions on how to use it.

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