The Pigs Strike Back, Amazon adds more selections to Instant Video and more

Here are the top new stories of the day.

  • The follow up to Angry Birds (Bad Piggies) – is on its way out soon. Rovio will launch the game September 27th (probably to great acclaim). I would expect that a huge number of people will purchase this game. Via Engadget, more here.
  • An analysis of 4K TV (and while you’ll care) – over at The Verge, there is a great piece of how much better 4K TV is than 3D TV. I have said for years that 3D TV is a joke, but this is a great look at how 4K will change things. More here.
  • Interested in BYOD??? – CIO Magazine has published the 8 things CIOs need to know about BYOD ebook. Via Enterprise Mobile Hub, more here.
  • One Million Apple device IDs with personal information allegedly stolen from FBI laptop – hackers have reported that they put 1,000,0001 iPhone and iPad identification numbers online in a Pastebin file. If true, it calls to question some iOS security, as well as wondering what the FBI was doing with this information. Via The Verge, more here.
  • Galaxy SIII passes iPhone 4S as top selling US Smartphone – In the past four months, the Samsung Galaxy SIII has done the unimaginable, outsold the iPhone 4S. It’s fair to assume 4S sales have dropped lately because of iPhone 5 hype, but this is still impressive. Via Apple Insider, more here.
  • Amazon Inks Deal to Double its Instant Movie Selection – Amazon has signed a deal with Epix, who partners with many major movie studios. It will double the amount of movies that Amazon offers. Via Mashable, more here.
  • White House relaunches mobile apps – the White House has announced new and improved versions of its mobile applications. It will offer this new app as the DNC gets underway. Via The Verge, more here.

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