The Social Ecosystem and The Old Spice Guy

This is not another analysis of the Old Spice Guy campaign. At this point, if you haven’t formed your own opinion you’re not interested and you will not be swayed by my thinking on the topic.

The point of this post is that I have seen more discussion about what class of marketing/pr/CRM/advertising/you-name-it that this campaign falls into. If you look at posts like this one from Wim Rampen,this one from Harish Kotadia, PHd, and this one from Prem Kumar you will see little discussion about the effectiveness of the strategies and tactics and instead see a debate about if this campaign is Social CRM, Social Media Marketing, Social Marketing, Public Relations, and on and on and on. At best we have a lack of clarity about these concepts, at the worst we have an industry-wide confusion made worse by:

  • Lack of clear and agreed upon definitions.
  • Lack of agreed upon guidance and “standards”.
  • Vendors who are promoting Social CRM solutions with little clarity about how these solutions really fit any core set of definitions and capabilities.

Organizations and individuals simply want to find clear pathways for reaching their goals. They want consistent language and terminology. They want easy to understand strategies and tactics. They want case studies they can learn from and use to justify spend to the budget holders. They want to understand how their Social Organization can best interact with their Social Customers to meet their goals.

In short…. They want The Social Ecosystem. Join me and The Lab as we explore and weigh in on where we fall short. Together we can make sense of all of this so that you can do the one thing that matters most to your organization…. Reach your goals.


If you need help from The Lab, drop me a note. If you would like to view more case studies and interviews, or just want to read about The Social Ecosystem, click on the links and let me know your thoughts. Note that GovLoop members receive a 20% discount, through the end of August, on all services from The Lab.

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