Think Creatively TODAY So Your Agency Can INNOVATE Tomorrow

Does the Spring weather make you crave new directions? Do things feel stale around your office? Do you need new ideas to solve nagging problems?

Perhaps your entire team needs a dose of creative thinking.

As timelines get reduced and work intensifies, the need for creative thinking increases exponentially. It is no longer enough to be more efficient when completing work and solving problems — creative ideas and solutions are needed to finish work on time, do more with less, and move your agency forward.

If creative thinking is not happening on a daily basis in your agency, then you may not realize it, but your agency is falling behind. Sure, the people who walk in your office every morning look alive, but if they are not thinking, creating, recreating, re-energizing, and re-imagining the future in new and brilliant ways, your agency is petrifying.

Here are some complimentary resources to help your people think creatively TODAY so your agency can INNOVATE tomorrow, meet challenges, and stabilize workloads.

YOUTUBE Videos – For creativity tips, visit my new videos on YouTube: Rise Above the Competition.

Articles – For creativity articles you can use in your next meeting, visit Karla’s innovation resource page.

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