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Leaders as Architects: Integrative Thinking Part Two

In part one of this two-part blog series, I described integrative thinking as simultaneously embracing two differing views or ideas, and considering multiple options while solving a seemingly “either/or” dilemma. This key leadership skill allows teams to break conventional “We have always done it this way” or “Let’s just go with the easy answer,” thoughtRead… Read more »

Are You an Integrative Thinker?

It’s one solution or the other. If “A” is true, then we should definitely do “B” – it’s so obvious! Let’s solve this problem one step at a time. As government officials, we often feel our job duties are closer to those of an ‘inferno abatement specialist’ (government speak for “firefighter”) than those of aRead… Read more »

What We Can Learn about Process Improvement from Two Old White Guys

Last weekend, I was thinking about my undergraduate days when I took a lot of philosophy courses at a small Catholic liberal arts college. I remember the classical Greek philosophers Plato and Aristotle approaching reality from two different yet complementary angles. At the risk of overgeneralizing, Plato believed that reality existed in ideas from whichRead… Read more »

Throwing Rocks and Birds

Sometimes my summer reading list takes unanticipated paths. . . . Here are some highlights from an older report from the UK that feels like it could have been written today! In 2002, British academic Jake Chapman wrote a paper for Demos, a UK think tank, entitled: “System Failure: Why Governments Must Learn to ThinkRead… Read more »

What Consumers Want: 4 Principles of Design Thinking

Participants in the breakout session presented by Peer Insight had the opportunity to focus on a dominate theme of the Next Generation of Government Training Summit: using creativity to improve job performance. Natalie Foley and Jessica Dugan from Peer Insight, a consulting firm that creates impact and growth using design thinking, explained that while designRead… Read more »

Think Creatively TODAY So Your Agency Can INNOVATE Tomorrow

Does the Spring weather make you crave new directions? Do things feel stale around your office? Do you need new ideas to solve nagging problems? Perhaps your entire team needs a dose of creative thinking. As timelines get reduced and work intensifies, the need for creative thinking increases exponentially. It is no longer enough toRead… Read more »

Championing Change in Gov: Why Can’t Government be Both Functional and Beautiful?

This was originally posted on my blog, Jennovation, which can be found here. It’s not impossible. Government CAN BE both functional and beautiful. Today the White House hosted a Champions of Change event in Washington DC highlighting thirteen local government innovators that are doing just that. According to Gov Tech, these champions have “worked toRead… Read more »