Time for an Intellectual Labor Day

In the United States we’re getting ready for a three-day Labor Day weekend. While for many that may mean the unofficial end of summer, beginning of the school year, or various retail sales promotions – our Labor day tradition started over a century ago. In general, it’s a celebration of the contributions to our country by the everyday working men and women. Before it was a recognized national holiday, individuals would volutarily take the day off (will no pay) to show their commitment to this idea.

To that effect, consider taking the day off from challenging the status quo. There will be plenty of opportunity for pushing the edge on September 3rd (and beyond). Here’s some suggestions for taking an intellectual Labor Day:

1) Give yourself permission: Admit to yourself that the world will keep spinning without your constant attention. It will be ok. Really.

2) Unplug: Try fasting from your electronic devices. Don’t think of being near-Amish as a punishment, but a freedom from the need to be constantly connected.

3) Be present: Sure there’s a lot going on next week but if you’re too busy worry about that, you can’t enjoy yourself much in the now. Planning and thinking ahead are great, but we’re trying to take a break remember? If you have to, pre-load your planning (or worrying) ahead of time to keep the integrity of your down time.

4) Laugh: It’s good for the soul! It’s free and you’ll thank me for it. Yes, you will.

5) Relax: If the above recommendations will stress you out more than help you, feel free to modify them. Let’s not forget the purpose of your intellectual day off – recharging so you can stay at your best.

Enjoy your weekend!

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