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Top 10 Reasons You Should Want to be Secretary of the Department of Commerce

In light of recent developments some suggestions on finding the elusive DOC Secretary.

Top 10 Reasons You Should Want to be Secretary of the Department of Commerce

10. Yanno that phone number that you call to get the time…yep you’re in charge of it.

9. You get to be in charge of the National Institute of Standards and Technology which means you control the fabric of Time itself (they run the Atomic Clock)

8. You get to be in charge of the switch to Digital Television and after the switch can simply reply “snow happens”.

7. You get to run the Census so you can be absolutely sure everyone in your family is counted.

6. Your get to brag that your office is in the Herbert Hoover building.

5. You run the Patent office, so that invention you’ve always wanted to patent…no problem.

4. You run the National Weather Service, so finally you can really plan your vacation weather.

3. You get to check on the improved laptop security measures testing out plans from your predecessor.

2. You lead the International Trade Administration …fulfilling a lifelong desire to answer the question: “Nice to meet you…what do you do?” …”I work in imports and exports.”

1. If you act soon you get to tell Obama, “Third Time’s the Charm”

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Barry Everett

The State of Israel, the US Air Force, the hydrogen bomb, and myself are all roughly the same age. In those 60 odd years, we have all seen maybe a dozen moments, that in retrospect, could have gone a different way, and literally could have changed the fabric of the universe. A new shirt, or wads of tangled, smoldering thread drifting through the cosmos waiting for another set of complex hydrocarbons to make a stand. We are at one of those times.

When I was 12, I heard the “Ask not…” call, and it thrust me into a state of consciousness that has been both a blessing and a source of intense pain. But the bottom line is, that each of us can, on some level, or with some degree of success, absolutely change the way the electrons spin around the center.

Make a difference? Absolutely. One more important than another? Sometimes, briefly. Have an effect if you say “No, thanks.”? Impossible. That is not to say that “Just say No.” is not often the right answer, and itself can be a game changer. But to slip out of the ring because there might be a problem, or because things might not go perfectly, is unthinkable to me. Now is not the time to drop out.

I believe that Frodo was right not to kill Gollum when he had the chance, because you never know when even the most vile creature can, for all the wrong reasons, cause the right thing to happen. If all this appears to be psycho-literary-elitist babble, then you are just not reading enough history. Final answer. Locked in. “If not now, when? If not us, who?”

T.G. O'Neill

President Obama had this to say last night in his remarks for Lincoln’s Birthday:

“He also envisioned a day in the life of the Lincoln of 1854 — before his presidency.

“Possibly in his law office, his feet on a cluttered desk,” Obama said, “his sons playing around him, his clothes a bit too small to fit his uncommon frame — maybe wondering if somebody might call him up and ask him to be commerce secretary.”

The quip elicited laughter from the crowd in attendance.”