Top 10: Topics NOT to Discuss with Your Coworkers

The Top Ten Topics You MIght NOT Want to Share with All Your Coworkers


Lady Dianne

1. Off color or racially charged jokes and comments (includes gay,

lesbian, religious, ethnic, disability or blonde jokes)

2. Wild weekends or hangovers

3. Politics or religion

4. Intimate details of life (includes relationships)

5. Personal problems and lifestyle changes

6. Negative views of coworkers, colleages and management

7. Medical history

8. Cost of purchases and salary

9. People gossip

10. Social networking

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Dianne Floyd Sutton

That is a good question. First, I think of GovLoop as a professional network. There is a lot of valuable work related information provided by GovLoop. But Facebook, My Space etc. is more personal and can be very provocative. Personal pictures and comments may not be appropriate for discussion with all coworkers. Of course you may have a coworker who you can confind in but everyone does not need to know about your personal adventures and experiences. Many organizations before they will hire a person will check out Facebook and My Space, etc to see what kind of pictures and comments are listed. If the information on the social network is considered inappropriate or unprofessional the person may not get hired. The same applies to coworkers who may use the inofrmation against you.

Henry Brown

And as more and more (organization(s), both public and private sector) join the social networking club suspect that the line between professional networks GovLoop, Linkedln and pure social networks Facebook, Tumblr, and my space will become even more blurred. Although I do agree with you that one needs to be very careful engaging in purely social behavior in the work place.